Your Debt to Credit Ratio

Guilt is something that is faster, depending on the rate that consumers are paying the debt. Once started, that every time someone is almost impossible for consumers to pay again. When consumers begin to feel that the monthly payment is too high for them it is time to start making monthly payments that are missing or late payments begin. Currently, the latest consumer démarragebraucher the monthly payments  Balances and the reasons for this are high interest payments on debt from consumers. 

 A credit-debt rate is the percentage of consumers with a monthly gross income that goes to repay debts. The amount of debt in May that consumers have been the main reason is the credit score. The credit interest debt can easily understandable ° simpleemPLO with an example. Suppose that a consumer has ten credit cards in use and consumption, which has a credit limit of 20,000 U.S. dollars against any sustarjetas credit. This means that the consumer has access to $ 200,000. We assume that consumers have a total of 180,000 U.S. dollars in respect of all credit cards and their use is almost 80%. Most consumers get more than 65% and the debt ratio rapportocredito maggi hours PERDE points overall credit score. 

 Debt Credit plays an important role, as if the verbraucher are 50% or less than 50% of total credit limit of loans, increase with increasing frequency to a situation in which more than 50% of the credit limit is in the form of bonds. 

 With credit is very important and requires good planning before you. If the amount of consumer debt is higher again than 90% of the total credit limit is an alarming situation for them to be careful when using credit limit can impactimpact on your credit Ratin