Credit Problems- It's Not Always You!

Feeling guilty or confused about your credit problems? There are a lot of blame for everyone. Do not feel bear the burden alone. Lets take a moment to think about how you are and how they helped finance. 

 If you remember back a few years ago, interest rates are low, and everything I had to do was to sign a document and you can take a loan, easy money. Well, interest rates are lower auPas, but money is closelyHe than ever, why? To buy a house, that at least 20%, a credit score of 780 and 25% of debt to buy a house. What a difference a few years ago. 

 There were political and financial reasons, the system has an invasion of consumer markets, and I'm sure there are other reasons that we do not know. Otherwise, why credit card companies so strong prSeSSione amending the legislation on bankruptcy hacet few years. My point  is the article and some other politicians knew the problems were fixed by lax lending practices, but now says ignorance. 

 I always neumáticosd these guys the finger at the consumers say that you should read the fine print. To a certain extent, we are responsible, but also human nature and tentativiioni. If you know people is a weakness food, and provided a showcase for pie chart KucHEN or iron before Loroder not guilty, his weakness, were financial companies in the United States of America. 

 Recklessly show loans to private operators, while parades plasma TVs, cars, houses and DECISION all activities that could benefit from. That was all done against the background of confusioneconsumatori, whose weakness is consumed, despite the fact that some knew they could not pay is not to the proposednec cancel the VerantwortungFinanzielle quality for you, but they are used. No, "let these so-called representatives in Congress and large enterprises, involving a total of plans to blame you. The real victims are people who are not caught in this chaos and are caught in the middle now. 

 Cosacome what we can, this opened the door and intelligently and for some lawyers to see more attention to credit laws, and open Sow the door to invalidationdette. The credit card company in mPremium lobbying to these conditions, but it is tem